XTROPTIONS.GOLD Re-balance Notification

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As I’m sure you have noticed there has been a great deal of volatility in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies/crypto-assets. More specifically, Bitcoin has dropped dramatically in the last few days after being relatively stable for almost a year. XTROPTIONS.GOLD is on the Bitcoin blockchain and is therefore indirectly affected by Bitcoins drop in price. Here;s the good news.XTROPTIONS.GOLD is not directly affected by Bitcoin, since the value of XTROPTIONS.GOLD is not based upon the value of Bitcoin, but on the value of the last private deal or purchase. The last private purchase, made known to Troptions Corporation, was at $182.00.

Troptions Corporation will begin rebalancing XTROPTIONS.GOLD to reflect that value in the wallets of all known XTROPTIONS.GOLD holders There are XTROPTIONS.GOLD holders who think that there is a public cash market established for trading. Unfortunately, these holders have necessitated a lengthy process of rebalancing. Troptions Corporation does not sanction or support any public market trading of any TROPTIONS at this time. Troptions Corporation is preparing for a future public market. Troptions Corporation supports the exchange of XTROPTIONS.GOLD for goods and services that are required or desired for the business, personal or investment life of the holders.

There are four ways, at least, to get cash from XTROPTIONS.GOLD if there is a need.

1. Sell XTROPTIONS.GOLD for Troptions Corporation in a private cash sale and get a cash commission.
2. Sell XTROPTIONS.GOLD that you own as a holder in a private cash sale.
3. Buy a product or service with XTROPTIONS.GOLD and sell it for cash.
4. Buy a cash producing asset with XTROPTIONS.GOLD.

XTroptions.Gold Re-balancing process:

1. XTROPTIONS.GOLD will take a significant drop, similar to Bitcoin from its peak.
2. XTROPTIONS.GOLD holders will receive a significant amount of additional XTROPTIONS.GOLD to re-balance the value in a holder;s new wallet.
3. There will be no loss of value for any legitimate XTROPTIONS.GOLD holder.
4. Troptions Corporation, in order to comply with KYC (Know Your Customer) laws, will require that proper identification is associated with each wallet and verified. This will occur prior to the additional XTROPTIONS.GOLD being placed in the new wallet.
5. The new wallets with the additional XTROPTIONS.GOLD will be private and not tradable on any public market, but will be perfectly usable for all previously mentioned private transactions.
6. XTROPTIONS.GOLD holders will be notified when public market trading is sanctioned, approved and established by Troptions Corporation.

Sincerely,Garland E. Harris, Founder/CEO Troptions Corporation

Please Click Here for the Re-Balance Request Form


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