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Troptions BC is a safety net corporation for those in our Society who suffer the Loss of Use* of their Residence due to Fire or Storm* or Loss of Use* of their Person due to sudden, unexpected and/or accidental Sickness or Injury. Many hardworking Americans suffer undue hardships due to unexpected events over which they have no control. Often the ability financially to protect against these catastrophic happenings are more than may be afforded. Troptions Benefits Corp is doing what it may to alleviate some of the hardships suffered by our fellow Citizens by offering a Benefits Certificate paying the Registered Certificate Holder $5,000.00 of Value in Troptions* should tragedy strike.

How does the Program Work? A Certificate of Benefit By Troptions Benefits Corp is issued identifying the Employer/Landlord and Sponsor. Activation occurs when a Tenant/Employee Certificate Holder goes on line and completes Certificate Registration. The Troptions Benefits Corp Acts as Official Registrar, Claim Review Agent, Troptions Transferring Agent and as the Guarantor of Benefits to honor the commitment to Holder at time of Qualifying Loss of Use. The Certificate of Benefit acts as a hard copy reminder of the caring of the Landlord and Employer towards their Tenant and Employee but all Certificate, Claim and Transference of Troptions is handled through

Troptions BC has many partners which include the Landlords. Employers, Sponsors and the Certificate Holders. Community Partners are always being sought and if you or your organization may have interest in joining our effort please contact us through An Employer/Landlord is requested to Register their Employees /Tenants under their ID # On-Line at and they may purchase the Certificate of Benefit at $47.99 per 12 Month Activation . This puts the cost of protection at under $4.00 per month for a potential humanity saving benefit. There is no worse feeling for a Landlord or Employer to watch someone they may care very deeply about lose everything and be unable to help. $5,000 of Value if Troptions will HELP!

Sponsors of Certificates of Benefit are our heroes and Troptions BC rewards our Sponsors dollar for dollar in Troptions Cryptocurrency. See to understand the full value of this reward. Troptions Corp. continues to expand the many ways Troptions may be Valued and Exchanged and more often than not the Value of Troptions have increased over time, thus rewarding our partners not only with a great safety net for their employees/tenants but transferring a potential valued cryptocurrency asset.

Register your Corporation today as an Employer/Landlord/ Sponsor. Review our website for potential Employees and Tenants that you may choose to sponsor. If you know of a Business or Apartment Complex that would benefit from our Program please refer them directly to our Website,

Troptions BC is not a Tax Adviser so please review all reporting decisions with a Tax Professional:

Health Plans

If an employer pays the cost of an accident or health insurance plan for his/her employees, including an employee’s spouse and dependents, the employer’s payments are not wages and are not subject to Social Security, Medicare, and FUTA taxes, or federal income tax withholding.  Generally, this exclusion also applies to qualified long-term care insurance contracts. 

Troptions Benefits FAQ

Troptions BC is designed to build community through Landlords, Employers, and Community Leaders committing to make available, affordable protection against life’s unfortunate tragedies.

Currently our Certificates of Benefit are Qualified to protect the Certificate owner when they suffer a Loss of Use to their Residence or Loss of Use of their Body for Employment. The Loss of Use must be due to event(s) that are sudden, unexpected, and unintentional or accidental. There are other Qualifying Factors, such as the Loss of Use must be for more than one month or 32 Days. and the Certificate’s Registered Landlord and/or Employer should confirm circumstance of event.

The good news, the Certificate of Benefit is Guaranteed by the creator of TROPTIONS, a Crypto Asset, thus securing payment upon incident is absolute.

How does a Qualifying Loss get paid? A Loss of Use Claim is filed by calling our Toll Free 1-800 Number or going on-line to and clicking on Claim. The Claim is Officially Identified to Certificate Holder, information captured upon on-line Activation, and an Official Review begins. Questions are asked at the time of filing the Notice of Incident, and how these questions are answered determines the continuing review process.

First a Claim Review Agent will contact the Certificate Owner, review any questions that may not have been answered and request appropriate information such as Pictures of the Fire/Fire report #/Accident or Medical Bills. The Adjuster than confirms with Certificate Register as to status of Holder, as Holder must reside in one of Landlord’s Unit or Employed by same Employer to Qualify. As quickly as possible the expected or actual Loss of Use is determined and if this Loss of Use is expected to be more than 32 Days, then Troptions with a Value of $5,000.00 USD are issued and Transferred to Certificate Owner. Troptions BC is committed to having partners who will immediately exchange to cash any portion of the Claimant Voucher which is created for the registered For the Benefit Of or FBO Certificate of Benefit, but there will be many Locations of partners that will accept Troptions as payment or partial payment for goods and services.

How is Troptions BC able to fulfill a role as a partial answer to despair when calamity strikes? By partnering with Employers, Landlords and other caring Community Sponsors to help cover the costs associated with rebuilding one’s life after suffering a life changing tragic event. The Troptions BC Certificate of Benefit Program would not be possible without their dedication, investment, sacrifice and help. Troptions will truly be the People’s Currency as those who care for the people with whom they have engaged in mutually beneficial relationships begin to see the difference a Certificate of Benefit makes in their neighbor’s lives as they walk through the remains of an unexpected tragedy, trying to stop the sadness and rebuild their lives. Troptions BC will be there!

How does an Employer or Landlord sign up to act as a register for their tenants or employees? or and each Register may only act as Register for their related specific Loss of Use. An Employee receiving a TroptionsBC Certificate from an employer should feel encouraged to request his Landlord Register them as well. We are always looking to expand our Safety Net so always keep a look out for TroptionsBC Certificates of Benefit!

How much do Certificates of Benefit Cost? Are they the same for Loss of Use of Residence and Loss of Use of Body for Employment? The Cost of the Loss of use to the Employee or Tenant is ZERO. We request the Employer or Landlord purchase the Certificate of benefit for $47.99 activating the Certificate for 12 months. Certificates are created for each now protected recipient, with their names listed as owner and delivered to them by their Landlord/Employer unless otherwise directed. The Certificate for Benefit does not become Active until the Recipient goes on-line to Where Recipient acknowledges that they understand this is only a Benefit if Certain conditions are met and that the Certificate of benefit will compensate them in Troptions VALUED at $5,000.00 not cash. Each employee/Tenant may only carry ONE POLICY per Loss of Use, even if they wish to purchase the second one by themselves, unfortunately this will not be allowed.

With the cost of the Certificate of Benefit at less than 1% of it’s face structure, we expect many Employers and Landlords to help their neighbors by covering the associated cost or sponsoring the Certificate of Benefit at under $4 per month for a year. Money does not grow on trees and If this is not affordable or for whatever reason the Landlord/Employer only wish to act as the Certificate Register, that is OK. As we are building a community of supporters, Troptions Certificates of Benefit may be Sponsored by others, regardless of who sponsors the Certificate in Question, as a way of saying THANK YOU Troptions BC rewards and transfers to Sponsors Troptions valued at $50.00 per Certificate per the number of Certificates Sponsored.

For Landlords this does NOT replace the need for Renter’s Insurance as this is NOT INSURANCE, and we make the Registering Holder acknowledge as much when they go on-line and agree to stipulations and statements.

For Employers, we explain that the Loss of Use of Body for Employment must be sudden & accidental, with no illegal actions involved. If an employee is no longer in good standing with Employer than the Qualification for Claim may not be met. We count upon the employer being forthright with what they do and don’t know regarding Claimant’s sickness/inquires. Our enquiries will be simple and direct as to why claimant has missed 32 Days of Work consecutively.

We do not care if Loss of Use is work related or not, if is sudden and unexpected without mal-intent we plan on helping the Loss of Use of Body for Employment. These Certificates are reserved for unexpected, sudden & accidental tragic Loss of Use, not poor personal decision making by Certificate Owner. We will make this clear on the Certificate itself and through the Activation. Troptions BC reserves the right to refuse ISSUANCE to any Landlord or Employer for any allowed legal and non-discriminatory reason.

Our Goal is step in where no one else may afford to and offer significant aid. We wish to help the unprotected survive the aftermath of tragic events. In the future we will team up with Fire Prevention and Injury/Accident Prevention partners to help make the World an even safer place!

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