Welcome to Troptions on the TRON Network

Why the new Troptions token on Tron network?

TROPTIONS is an asset that provides its holder with the power to manifest nine financial benefits. An asset is defined as a useful or valuable thing. An asset, by word origin, is, in itself, enough. In financial accounting, an asset is an economic resource. Anything tangible or intangible that can be owned or controlled by a person, company, or country to produce positive economic value. It is inaccurate thinking that suggests that an asset needs to be backed by another asset to have value. Every asset, in and of itself, is valued based upon its utility and desirability. TROPTIONS is enough to transact business with or without additional assets or fiat currencies combined.
Scalability of Tron
Scalability is a feature of the TRON Protocol. It is the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work or its potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth. It has an ever growing ecosystem that connects users with blockchain. Tron tokens can be used for smart contracts, and dApp development as well as connect its users to exchanges and immense amounts of usability.                                     

4 Easy Steps To Get Started

Step one
First, we will walk you through how to set up a Tronlink wallet to store your Tron coin and all of the Tron tokens including the all-new Troptions token.
Step two
Now that you have your Tronlink wallet you need to activate it by adding Tron coin to your wallet. The next video will walk you through how to purchase Tron to get some in your wallet. Like the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, Tron requires users to hold Tron in your wallet to pay for transactions on the Tron network with all of its tokens including the all-new Troptions token.
Step Three 
Now that your Tronlink wallet is set up and has some Tron in it you are ready to purchase Troptions token with your Tron.


HOW TO BUY TRON (for your TronLink Wallet)


Step Four
Complying with the KYC ( Know Your Customer) regulations before you purchase any TROPTIONS-TRON. Feel free to go to (website) and open your wallet. Please disregard if you have already filled out your KYC, please just provide proof.

Tron Ecosystem

Here is a list of wallets to use with the Tron network:                                               
Here is a list of exchanges that accept Tron tokens:
Here is a list of resources on the Tron network: