Now you can get XTROPTIONS.AUS in a secured escrow environment at Current Market Price for XTROPTIONS.AUS. 


  1. Initiate the trade for the amount of XTROPTIONS.AUS you want at Current Market Price for XTROPTIONS.AUS
  2. Go get the proper Counterparty Wallet at: or
  3. Send your Counterparty Wallet public address in the chat box and the full name of who referred you.
  4. I will send you the appropriate amount of XTROPTIONS.AUS at Current Market Price..
  5. Check on XCHAIN by putting your Counterparty Wallet public address in the search bar.
  6. Click the link that says “Unconfirmed (1)” and you will see that your XTROPTIONS.AUS are on the way.
  7. Since XTROPTIONS.AUS are a cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Blockchain and cannot be reversed once sent, please release  the BTC when you see the confirmations are pending.
  8. I will send XTROPTIONS.AUS at Low Priority (no charge), which could take up to 60 minutes or longer to actually be   spendable in your account, but if you would like your XTROPTIONS.AUS sooner I will use High Priority which will require you  to add $10 USD in BTC to the order.
  9. Please specify if you want Low or High Priority when you initiate the trade.
  10. Send an uneven amount (i.e.) 2500.32 or make sure you give us the exact dollar amount sent in bitcoins (i.e.)  320032.88 USD/BTC
 Below is our QR code public address to obtain your TROPTIONS.
Initiate trade for further instructions.
Text 407-504-7079 if you have any questions or email: