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What is the Troptions ECOSystem?

The TROPTIONS ECOSsystem enables two parties (peer to peer) to exchange goods or services based on mutually perceived value.


The TROPTIONS ECOSystem was created for business holders of TROPTIONS, to let other TROPTIONS holders use their goods or services using the Currency known as TROPTIONS.

XTroptions.Gold will be the first of the TROPTIONS Currencies that will be used for the TROPTIONS Eco system.


Every company or business in the TROPTIONS ECOSYSTEM will take 20% – 100% of retail dollar price for their goods or service in XTroptions.Gold currency.

The TROPTIONS ECOSystem will work for any service or product that you can buy with barter dollars or fiat dollars the only difference is the retailer will be taking part of the sale in XTroptions.Gold. TROPTIONS Crypto Currency is the only Crypto that has an Eco System for it holders. If you’re a business that has a service to offer you can set yourself apart from other business that do the same thing as you do by accepting TROPTIONS for part of your services. Each Merchant can decide how much of their fee they will accept in TROPTIONS. The Minimum is 20% that needs to be accepted in TROPTIONS and the rest can be cash! This is where most merchants will start and then go from there. With TROPTIONS your bank account will grow while you sleep.


These transactions do involve an exchange of currency, however, each party benefits from the transaction. With thousands of TROPTIONS holders all over the world TROPTIONS Eco SYSTEM allows the merchant an extra way to tap into the TROPTIONS system of holders. Accepting the Xtroptions.Gold as currency for goods and services creates both movement for the currency that will increase the value and stability of the Xtroptions.Gold currency.

Other benefits are:

1). Adding another option for your customers to purchase your goods or services

2.) Be the first to take crypto currencies and gain an advantage over your competitors

3.) Enjoy the appreciation by getting in early and holding onto the Xtroptions.Gold as the value increases

4.) Free marketing. As a TROPTIONS ECOSYSTEM member TROPTIONS will get your business name out there to all the holders of TROPTIONS (this number grows daily) through our website and monthly newsletter.

Q. How do I get my business started taking TROPTIONS?
A. Fill out the form and get your business set up.
Q. Once I fill out the info then what?
A. TROPTIONS Rep will contact you and send you a TROPTIONS Acceptance agreement, once you read the agreement and sign it you will send it back in. A TROPTIONS starter kit will be sent to you.
Q. What’s in the starter kit?
A. TROPTIONS decals for your office, door, and website link letting customers and TROPTIONS holders know you now accept Xtroptions.Gold currency.
Q. What’s the minimum Xtroptions.Gold currency you need to take from the TROPTIONS holders?  All merchants must take a minimum of 20% in TROPTIONS towards their services and the rest can be in cash.
Q. Do I have to report to TROPTIONS.?
A. No you don’t need to report to TROPTIONS. If the business moves location we ask that you let us know so we can update the TROPTIONS ECOSYSTEM map of merchants.
Q. What is the cost for me to join the TROPTIONS ECO SYSTEM?
A. Zero cost to join the TROPTIONS ECOSYSTEM
Q. Will I be able to get a TROPTIONS POS machine?
A. All merchants in the ECOsystem will be the first ones to get the TROPTIONS POS machine that will take all of the major credit cards and up to 5 different crypto currencies. i.e. TROPTIONS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Lite coin etc,
which will be coming out shortly.