Coming  2022 

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The financial world of is quickly changing and evolving.  Trying to get in on the gold rush is like drinking from a fire hose.  The good news is that Xctra is a great place to start, learn how to use, and profit from trade and exchange.  Our national network in composed of people across the country, local groups forms as Buyer’s Clubs, and a mega-platform who like and love non-cash exchanges.
Merchants will discover that they too can spend MTM digital just like cash to reduce all types of expenses. They can offer a bonus to good employees with trade credits to pay the plumber, painter, or cleaning service. MTR credits can buy almost everything or be converted to other currencies for even more spending opportunities.

What does the e-Deposit system offer  Businesses.

  1. e-Deposit Real Time Transactions/ Real Time deposit
  2. Same Day Activation
  3.  Accept all types of credit and debit cards
  4. One small fee for debit and credit cards. 
  5. Accept cryptocurrency and barter assets
  6. Lower merchant fees
  7. A nationwide merchants network to exchange consumers.
  8. A free app that leads business to your door.
  9. National marketing and advertising.
  10. Merchant account admin portal.
  11. Minimized chargebacks
  12. Offer B2B B2C and P2P all with one system.
  13. A system that works for the Crypto and Cash merchant.
  14. Tap to Tap crypto payment
  15. Instant global settlements
  16. Our POS system or yours!
  17. Valuable rewards and discounts.


Activate a merchant account with same day approval, and accept credit and debit cards with one low fee.


Manage and access your digital and fiat money whenever, wherever. All from the palm of your hand.


Real time digital transaction settlement to your wallet or bank account within seconds.


Receive, send, and spend funds anywhere with no FX or foreign transaction fees with settlement to a digital wallet.


e-Deposit is built on secure payment rails and blockchain protocols. Because security is never an afterthought.


A system built by a global alliance continuously delivering powerful products & services. For the people, by the people.
If your venders are not in the system yet, members can earn 100 MTR credits by referring the business to the local Xctra Xchange manager and our team will reach out to all your vendors on your behalf.
Merchants can post their business offers at the Xctra market and attract business locally and nationally. They will reach thousands of local customers who love earing and spending their digital currency using just our phone app.
Merchants can sell off unused inventory for 100% MTR credits to make room for new items. Non-retail businesses like attorneys, real estate, painters, and accountants can attract business with a display ads on the Xctra market.
Xctra trade credits empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to accept trade credits for payment that will increase sales. The free mobile app allows everyone to easily accumulate MTR credits that spend like money without draining their wallet or bank account.
Businesses that accept Trade Credit pay a small transaction fee on sale. When using our favorite merchant account provider, get a better exchange rate and discover that our system accepts cryptocurrencies if chosen.


Start selling more with zero fees


Want to get started? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up for a e-Deposit Payments account and start accepting credit and debit cards. And cryptos like XTROPTIONS.GOLD,Bitcoin,ETH,XUSD.GOLD
  2. Connect your bank account to receive next day funding.
  3. Activate the mobile app to receive digital payments.

 Now’s the time to get signed up and get listed on our ECO-System App for the world to see you. Let us know when a good time is, so we can have one of our Team members contact you and give you all the details on how our system can increase sales for your business.

Businesses sign up today!

  • Accept Visa, MC, Amex & Discover
  • Same day approval
  • Same day account activation
  • One low fee for debit & credit cards
  • No other processing fees or charges
  • Minimize chargebacks
  • Merchant account admin portal
  • Available on line or brick and mortar.
  • Real time transactions.