About Us

Garland E Harris

CEO, Founder or Troptions Corp., believing for the future of the TROPTIONS asset.
Mr. Harris sought out and associated with like-minded small business owners over the years using Troptions. This asset will allow TROPTIONS holders to secure; Goods, Services or Investments for their personal, business or future legacy, using their purchasing power. Mr. Harris steadfastly focuses on one thing only, "the Value of TROPTIONS and the Liquidity of TROPTIONS." The Troptions Corporation looks forward to those who can bring 'big deals' to the table!

Bryan Stone

President Of Troptions Corp.
Mr. Stone founder of The Real Estate Connections, has been building companies for over 38 years, starting with his first at the age of 19.  Mr. Stone built the first indoor skate park in the basement of a mall and was responsible for marketing and promotions.  Four years later as the national sales director for a national Distributor, he led the way by introducing sailboards, snowboards, and roller blades, increasing first year sales to over 3 million dollars. He has bought and sold trucking, limousine, and distributing companies, and has been responsible for sales, marketing, and leadership.  He is the co-founder of Road Track, one of the first GPS tracking companies in the country.   He also founded Courtland Property Management in 1998 a management company that buys and sells over 120 properties per year as well as managing their portfolio of over 150 properties. As a public speaker, he holds seminars in real estate as well as other business topics. Mr. Stone was the 2001-2003 Chairperson for the Georgia Republican Advisory Committee to President Bush, and he sits on the Board of six corporations.  He was awarded Businessman of the Year for Georgia in 2002 & 2003 by the Republican Party.  He has also been successful in other ventures such as ADVISION USA, a mobile media promotions company. The Real Estate Connections which also has a construction arm along with educating real estate investors, to date “TREC” has over 9500 members nationwide. 

Jordan Gitterman

Director of International Affairs
Mr. Jordan Gitterman has 25 years of business management and finance experience as a conduit to private equity and structured finance mechanisms. Prior to entering the cryptocurrency sector Jordan invested and manage natural resource projects. As a business development manager he developed an iron ore production, aggregation, export, and trading business, he founded Latin American Mining a copper and gold production company and was executive vice president and president of several producing independent oil and gas exploration companies. Jordan Brings a wealth of International experience to the Troptions Team.

Brian Bean

Director of Troptions University
Brian Beane’s speaking style derives from a combination of book smarts and street smarts. His English degree from Morehouse College was his start, but bringing success principles to “your house” is his destination. Brian will deliver with conviction and lace his message with humor which ignites any audience. As the Director of the Troptions University Brian is ready to take Crypto Currency Education to a whole new level.

Shana L. Rawlings

WebMaster Troptions Universty
Shana L. Rawlings, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, after 10 + years working in IT support she found her true passion was Graphic and Web design. A self-taught designer with 14 years experience, Shana now helps churches, net-workers, and small business owners build their brands which include logo design, taglines, websites, attraction marketing funnels, blogs. And brings a wealth of experience to the Troptions University Team.

Mike Cherwenka

Director of real estate rehab renovation / Troptions University
Mike Cherwenka is Atlanta’s leading expert in residential quick turn real estate. Mike has wholesaled and fixed and flipped over 2,350 single family homes since 1996 and is known as the “Godfather in flipping homes”. Mike has also acquired 93 rental properties on the Atlanta Housing Authority Section 8 Program. Mike is know for literally transforming blighted communities into beautiful neighborhoods. His niche is “MAKING MONEY IN THE HOOD” tm. A true “TRANSACTION ENGINEER”. Mike has taken his purchasing power to a whole new level utilizing TROPTIONS crypto currency. Learn how to buy more properties negotiating deals using TROPTIONS.

Jordan Stone

Director of Troptions Eco Systems
Jordan has 11 years of Marketing & On-Line Experience. Throughout those 11 years he has developed and managed online marketing projects in both real estate and non-real estate genres; responsible for idea creation and turning concepts into projects into revenue. His greatest strength has been to identify target markets to match with investors in order to yield maximum profits based on the level of willingness to accept the risk. Jordan brings a great outlook and leadership to the Troptions Eco System building the system worldwide.

Tim Viens

Director of Motor Sports
Tim Viens , has been buying and building companies for yrs, Tim will be heading up Troptions Motor Sports Division starting in 2019. Tim’s brings years of experience in both NASCAR racing and Sports negotiating to the Troptions family. Tim will be expanding Troptions racing reach both nationally and worldwide. Tim Viens is a NASCAR driver from Daytona Beach, Florida. Viens races in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, and NASCAR Xfinity Series. Viens is sponsored by Troptions crypto-currency. Viens is married to his wife Cherie Viens and has a daughter Willow who is 13 months old.

Mindy Sanders

Director and Manager
Mindy Sanders is a Director and Manager of Hospitality who has worked for executives and entrepreneurs to help maintain a high standard of guest relations and service. After spending over a decade in general management for multi-million dollar brands, Mindy understands what it takes to truly connect with heart-beating people you’re providing services for. Not only does she provide support for the guest but she ensures all systems are in place and operational for internal employees as well. Mindy brings strong management skills to Troptions Hotel group.

David Bertoncini

Director of Troptions Automotive Group
David Bertoncini, a US NAVY Veteran, Automotive Sales Expert of 20 years, and CryptoCars founder. The son of two physicians, David didn’t have an interest in medicine or college, however, he wanted to see the world and what better than aboard an Aircraft Carrier courtesy the US NAVY. after getting out, he interviewed at Toyota on Wednesday only to be hired on the spot without sales experience, only with his everyday hustle and a smile. David, over the course of the next two decades, quickly excelled at breaking the record of individual salespeople, dealers, and regional areas. David has worked in many variable commission-based positions at the dealership's as a Salesperson, Sales Manager, Finance Manager, New Car Director, Used Vehicle Manager, and General Sales Manager. David was involved in the sales of over 75,000 vehicles, generating $1.3 BILLION in revenue, $120 MILLION in Gross Profit, and a seven-figure salary. David's massive experience of negotiating car deals to purchase vehicles, recondition them, and resell them for Cryptocurrency. David brings a ton of experience to Troptions Automotive Group helping Troptions Holder to learn how to buy sell and trade autos with Troptions

Dr. Stan Harris

Director of Non Profit Development
Dr. Stan Harris aka Dr. Breakthrough is a 10th degree Black Belt who has been inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as well as the Motivational Speakers Hall of Fame. He has been a Bible College Professor with a Doctorate in Divinity and a Ph.D. in Martial Arts. He is a successful Network Marketer, Life and Business Trainer/Coach, Author and most importantly an Evangelist. He has driven over 3 million miles, using a combination of his martial arts skills along with his energetic ability to move crowds as large as 17,000. He has spoken in all 50 States and 28 Countries earning as much as $47,000 in one hour! He has been to the top pay structures of 7 different Home based business companies. He recently built an organization of 1.5 Million team members worldwide in only 5 1/2 short years! He has Authored/Co-authored 8 books. He is perhaps the most entertaining, enlightening and electrifying speaker on the circuit today. He has been the Spokesperson, and/or Training Director for several companies. He has been featured in numerous Magazines and on Radio/TV Shows. He is married to Nadia whom he calls his Adorable Brown Caramel Delight, they have 8 Children between them (6 grown) and now reside just North of Dallas, Texas. Dr BreakThrough bring a hole different dimension to the Troptions Family by helping and educating Non-Profits with the use of Troptions "The King Of Coins".


Andrew Stevens:
Attorney at Law


Matt Michaud:
Corporate Attorney at Law


Harold Rice:
Corporate Accounting


Todd Zuckerbrod: SEC Attorney