TROPTIONS is the culmination of the efforts of Garland E. Harris, who originally developed this system, which is now in its 15 years. Cryptocurrencies have given the flexibility to credits and debits using the Bitcoin Blockchain ledger. 

Troptions Corp. Board of Directors

Garland E Harris, CEO, Founder or Troptions Corp., believing for the future of the TROPTIONS asset.

Mr. Harris sought out and associated with like-minded small business owners over the years using Troptions.  This asset will allow TROPTIONS holders to secure; Goods, Services or Investments for their personal, business or future legacy, using their purchasing power. Mr. Harris steadfastly focuses on one thing only, “the Value of TROPTIONS and the Liquidity of TROPTIONS.”  The Troptions Corporation looks forward to those who can bring ‘big deals’ to the table!


Bryan Stone, President, Founder of The Real Estate Connections – Communications and Marketing


Jordan Gitterman, CVO, Founder – Managing Director – Latin American Mining LLC.-  International Affairs


Will Payne, Founder – Lonestar Gems Wealth Management – Gemstone Extraction from mines

Owner, Lone Star Gems
Investment gemstone expert
– Importer
– Dealer
– Trader
– Trainer
45 years entrepreneurial experience in barter and exchange.
Cattle rancher.
 Has master the art of exchanging TROPTIONS for those things that he can use in his personal, business and investments.
W.C. “CAM” Buffington, Managing Director- Lonestar Gems – Gemstone Investments

W. C. “Cam” Buffington
CEO, Buffington Properties & Investments (since 1977)
Past President, Colmac Industries, Inc. (Retired Jan 2018 after 28 years)
Past Chairman of the Board, Associated Industries, Inc.
Past Chairman, Eastern Washington University Alumni Association
Strategic planning, balance sheet management, global business development.


Justin Sisk, Management Trainer for Corporate Property Holdings – Project Organizer and Technical Analysis

I began my first lawn care business at the age of thirteen in the rural area of Arkansas where I grew up. One of my first lawn care clients would trade me antiques and other interesting merchandise as payment for keeping her lawn perfectly manicured. This powerful tool has continued to be a part of my business life through my families restaurant business and most recently in my work in the hotel industry. TROPTIONS is the next step in the evolution of the exchange concept. TROPTIONS stand for Trade Options and that is exactly what it gives its holders. I am very proud to serve this company and to give everyone the opportunity to give the fine people I meet the opportunity to secure generational wealth for them and their family.



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