TROPTIONS is experiencing some volatility at the moment!

Volatility is a rapid change that is usually unpredictable and can go up or down. Usually down.

TROPTIONS is experiencing volatility due to the underlying protocol Counterparty/XCP.
Counterparty is the protocol that enables TROPTIONS to be on Bitcoin blockchain.
XCP is the coin that directly affects the prices of all of the TROPTIONS assets:
XCP is being delisted from two large centralized exchanges – Poloniex and Bittrex. It makes very little sense for a decentralized coin, to be
on a centralized exchange. The current volatility should stabilize May 31st when XCP is off of Bittrex. It is already off of Poloniex.
Thankfully, the effect on TROPTIONS is only temporary.
All of the TROPTIONS re-adjust over time (sometimes short and sometimes long) because the price of TROPTIONS
is based on the last deal one and not on marketplace speculation or XCP.
Sometimes it takes a long time for TROPTIONS, like XTROPTIONS.AUS to adjust to where they should be because
a person is trying to sell on the DEX (decentralized Exchange) where there is not an established or supported market
for any of the TROPTIONS at this time.
This person is perhaps unknowingly suppressing the price for everyone. If you are that person, please cancel your
order. There is no developed market for TROPTIONS on the DEX…yet.
People use their TROPTIONS to directly buy things at an average rate of $4 Billion per month. If you need money:
1.Sell your TROTIONS for cash in a private sale.
2.Sell the Troptions Corporation’s TROPTIONS in private sales and collect a commission.
3.Buy an asset like a car or jewelry aor a gold claim with your TROPTIONS and sell it for cash.
4.Buy an income producing asset like a hotel or some other business with your TROPTIONS and collect cash.
5.Rent your TROPTIONS for a cash fee to someone who needs to increase their balance sheet or asset base for business purposes
like loans, mortgages, etc.
Garland E. Harris, Founder


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