A Tale of Two Markets

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TROPTIONS CORPORATION TroptionsXchange@gmail.com June 11th, 2019 A Tale of Two Markets There are two markets for each of the TROPTIONS, XTROPTIONS.GOLD, XTROPTIONS.AUS and TROPTIONS.GOLD. There is the barter market, where…

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Communication from Counsel (Press Release)

COMMUNICATION FROM COUNSEL  PRESS RELEASE Last month, the Missouri Securities Division (the “Division”) issued a press release stating that Garland E. Harris (“Harris”) and Troptions Corporation (“Troptions”) received an Order…

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XTROPTIONS.GOLD has legs! TROPTIONS the, not so new, amazing cryptoasset has its own legs to stand on and move about in the crypto sphere. People from all over are doing…

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TROPTIONS – The Middleman is Dead

TROPTIONS -The Middleman is Dead. Garland E. Harris stated, "In 1960 the first trade exchange was developed to facilitate transactions using a barter currency or “trade dollar”. This replaced the…

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TROPTIONS – A Brief History

Now I just so happened to be around during the time when Garland E. Harris came up with the idea of TROPTIONS. To my amazement (but not surprise) I have…

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