TROPTIONS Corporation Equity Investment in Expedite Re SA

TROPTIONS Corporation Equity Investment in Expedite Re SA

Oct 13, 2017, Boca Raton, FL – Troptions Corporation, a trading company that is building a vibrant community providing exposure to a myriad of trading options announced that it has made an equity investment valued at $500,000,000 in Expedite Re SA which is a contract surety and trade credit insurance company based in Uruguay, South America.

Troptions Corporation is providing Expedite Re SA with 82,644,629 worth of TROPTIONS which equates to an investment of over $500,000,000 based on the TROPTIONS transaction price of $6.05. Expedite Re SA will use this capital contribution to increase its book of contract surety and trade credit programs.

Bryan Stone, President of Troptions Corporation says, “I’m very excited to be doing a deal with Expedite RE SA This is a ground   breaking deal for both Troptions and the Insurance industry, teaming up with one of the big boys show’s that crypto currency has many uses and is here to stay. With our product Launch on 11-11-2017 Troptions has invested over 1 billion dollars in ventures and investments leading the crypto currency industry in real deals worldwide.

Nicholas M Cooke, Director of Expedite Re SA says, “This partnership with Troptions Corporation allows Expedite Re an increase in capacity is also driven by an anticipated improvement in market conditions and a desire to have sufficient capacity available to participate in a widespread market turn. This follows a period of significant catastrophe activity in 2017 in which more than US$100 billion of industry capital is estimated to have been destroyed.” Given this desire to increase capacity for Surety and Trade Credit insurance and reinsurance lines, it’s to be expected that the Expedite Re’s strategies will also be looking to increase the third-party capital available to it in time for the key January renewals. With key players in the market forecasting that the turn in the market will be “widespread” This will allow the Company to take advantage of market conditions, capture market share and grow premium organically.

About Troptions Corporation

Troptions Corporation is a trading company that is building a vibrant community using the signature cryptocurrency TROPTIONS which provides a myriad of Trading OPTIONS.  It is through the corporate buying power and talented curation of products and services that exclusive opportunities are made available to the Troptions community. TROPTIONS are a Counterparty (XCP) Asset on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Garland E. Harris, President | | | 561-252-4540

About Expedite Re SA.

Expedite Re SA has identified an opportunity in the underserved non-standard segment of contact surety and Trade Credit and has launched a dedicated program to serve this market. Within this market environment, the Company believes that there are significant opportunities to capture market share while implementing methods to control risk. As a mono-line surety carrier and trade credit provider, the Company intends to take a more time-consuming and personal approach to underwriting and provide the dedicated service that is lacking with the larger, multi-line carriers.

Nicholos M Cooke, Director | EXPEDITRE.BM | | 441-297-9438


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