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Oct 1, 2017, Boca Raton, FL – Troptions Corporation a trading company that is building a vibrant community providing exposure to a myriad of trading options today announced that it has entered a new relationship with SINGK, Inc., a technology company located in Georgia.

Garland E. Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Troptions Corporation announced the acquisition of twenty percent of SINGK shares in exchange for access into SINGK’s “BLEND” will prove advantageous to Troptions long-term strategy.  The total investment in SINGK was $283,500,000 USD worth of TROPTIONS @$2.10 per TROPTIONS which is the market value as of 9/18/17 on for a total of 135,000,000 Troptions.

“What SINGK will develop for the crypto currency market is truly revolutionary, and the fact that Troptions will always have access into the SINGK BLEND will prove extremely beneficial to the long-term growth of Troptions,” stated Harris.  “These are exciting days for this industry and we are fortunate to align ourselves with forward thinking technology companies like SINGK.”

SINGK is a non-discriminating electronic payment platform synthesizing old and new currency for participating buyers and sellers of goods and services.  SINGK will enable buyers and sellers to make secured transactions – in real time – without concern for location, language, or exchange rate.

“We are in a transitional point between fiat currency and crypto currency and there will be a large transfer from one to the other in the next several years.  SINGK is positioning itself to be in the middle of this shift,” said Bryant Maude, Chief Executive Officer for SINGK, Inc.

SINGK is one of the few companies working on access to everyday goods and services for the millions of crypto currency holders of about twenty coins.  “Nearly all the crypto currency companies out there are singularly focused on their specific coin.  This is a problem for the merchants of the world because without knowing who will control the majority market share in the future; it’s a little like putting all your eggs in the Lycos basket twenty years ago.  Or like betting on Tandy computers,” said Maude.  “Our approach is unique because we will provide a blend of currencies for merchants to chose from.”

Maude went on to state “We are honored to align ourselves with Troptions because we see them as a future leader in the space.  There are very few companies like Troptions acquiring the assets the way they are.  We believe our new relationship will attract further investors, merchants, and users to SINGK once it’s built.”

About Troptions Corporation
Troptions Corporation is a trading company that is building a vibrant community using the signature cryptocurrency TROPTIONS which provides a myriad of Trading OPTIONS.  It is through the corporate buying power and talented curation of products and services that exclusive opportunities are made available to the Troptions community. TROPTIONS are a Counterparty (XCP) Asset on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Garland E. Harris, President | | | 561-252-4540


About SINGK, Inc.

SINGK is a technology company that’s sole focus is on facilitating transactions between consumers who hold crypto currency and merchants who would like to accept crypto currency in a way that does not jeopardize their ability to cash flow (a balance of cash and coin).

Bryant Maude, CEO | | | 912-312-4171


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