6% Annual Dividend in Cryptocurrencies Paid Out to all Shareholders of Strategic Global Investments, Inc. (OTC PINK:STBV) Starting with TROPTIONS, a Counterparty cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Blockchain

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DOVER, Del., Aug. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Strategic Global Investments, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, (OTC PINK:STBV) has by Board of Directors approval, agreed to pay out a quarterly dividend to all of its shareholders of 6% per annum.

/EIN News/ — STBV is in the business of sponsoring SEC compliant Initial Coin Offerings – ICO’s – for cryptocurrencies starting with TROPTIONS which is scheduled to debut by late October to early November of 2017. STBV has over 60 cryptocurrencies in the ICO pipeline.

STBV will initially pay dividends in TROPTIONS, a Counterparty cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Blockchain and then involve additional cryptocurrencies after their respective ICO’s.

The first ex-dividend date will be October 2nd.
To receive dividends, all shareholders must be holders of STBV shares for thirty days prior to ex-dividend date and remain holders until ex-dividend date.

For shareholders to receive their cryptocurrency dividends, their shares of STBV will need to be in a Counterparty wallet, accessible to trading on the Decentralized Exchange Market – DEX.

All STBV shareholders must have a Counterparty wallet 30 days prior to ex-dividend date. Go to: https://wallet.counterwallet.io/

Garland E. Harris, President/CEO of STBV comments, “It is amazing the ideas that can come your way when you are open and accessible to your shareholders. I didn’t even think of this great idea until a shareholder, Dan K., and hero of all shareholders of STBV, came up with this stellar concept.”

Strategic Global Investments, Inc., a Delaware Corporation

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A CryptoCurrency ICO Company

Garland E. Harris, President/CEO


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