The HillToP Radio Show Entertainment Enters $250,000 Agreement to Advertise SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK:SWHI) Accepting TROPTIONS a Counterparty Asset

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/EIN News/ — HOUSTON, July 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Troptions Corporation, a trading company that provides TRade OPTIONS, previously transferred 7,692,307.60 TROPTIONS to SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company, (OTC PINK:SWHI).

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Garland E. Harris, President of Troptions Corporation says, “This is a real score for SWHI and for Troptions Corp., The HillToP Radio Show Entertainment, currently a San Antonio, Texas based company, is a rising star in the online radio and TV space, featuring shows on sports, comedy, music and business which targets an urban audience in 27 states and 17 countries.”

Shawn Fisher “DJ Shawn”, Managing Partner of The HillToP Radio Show Entertainment, LLC says, “We have recently rebranded and added online TV to better serve our community. Everybody’s Phone Company has not neglected our community and we are glad to work with them by advertising and promoting much needed subsidized landlines in the Houston, Texas area. My associate Jay Robinson and I are in talks with Troptions Corporation to further assist the people in urban communities we serve, with debit cards similar to the RushCard, but seamlessly exchanging between TROPTIONS cryptocurrency and the USD as the payment method.”

About Troptions Corporation

Troptions Corporation is a trade exchange company that is building a vibrant community using the signature cryptocurrency TROPTIONS which provides a myriad of TRading OPTIONS. It is through the corporate buying power and talented curation that over $32 Million of TROPTIONS have been traded in 2017 for products and services. This provides exclusive opportunities to the Troptions community other than speculative token trading. TROPTIONS are a Counterparty (XCP) Asset on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Garland E. Harris, President | |  561-252-4540

About The HillToP Radio Entertainment, LLC
Skills: Radio, Entertainment, Film, TV, Commercials
We are a family based company that works for the community. Music, Education and Entertainment. We are a 501c3 Company.
~We Are The HillToP~

Shawn Fisher – Managing Partner 

About SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company

SW Innovative Holdings, Inc. d.b.a. Everybody’s Phone Company, (OTC PINK:SWHI) sells prepaid, unlimited local (dial tone) telephone service to the residential market, primarily in greater Houston. The Company is fully licensed by the Texas Public Utility Commission to resell telephone services throughout the State. The Company hopes eventually to expand its prepaid telecommunications product offerings into additional states in the future.

Norman George, President | | | 713-268-1610

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