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TROPTIONS is an asset-supported trade system secured by the Bitcoin block chain. TROPTIONS can be exchanged for US currency, other cryptocurrencies or used to trade for items of value. Unique to TROPTIONS is the ability to trade for offerings that are exclusively within the  TROPTIONS system. TROPTIONS holders are able to find offers (with favorable prices) that otherwise would not be available to them. You are invited to explore our website, find out about your many options with TROPTIONS and learn more about what makes TROPTIONS a very special cryptocurrency!

Join the Troptions revolution! A New Currency - New Lifestyle!

What Is The Troptions ECOsystem?

The TROPTIONS Eco system enables two parties (peer to peer) to exchange goods or services based on mutually perceived value.

The TROPTIONS Eco System was created for business holders of TROPTIONS, to let other TROPTIONS holders use their goods or services using the Currency known as TROPTIONS.

XTroptions.Gold will be the first of the TROPTIONS Currencies that will be used for the TROPTIONS Eco system. Learn More about the Eco System here

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